​​The following is the most current list of Caterpillars and Pilgrims
​Updated 9/07/17


PLEASE be in prayer over this upcoming walk​
Flight # 

Men's Walk # 
Women's Walk # 128
Angela Phillips- Monticello
Linda Breeding- Monticello
Sandy Latham- Monticello
Bethany Latham- Monticello
Barbara Allen- Somerset
Tracy Curry- Monticello​​​​​​​
Chasity Ballou- Columbia
Lauren Crawhorn- Columbia
Glenda Lee Gossett- Somerset
Darlene Moore- Somerset
Audrey Murphy- Marrowbone
Sandra K. Keith- Science Hill
Jennafer Chamberlain- Somerset​​​​​​​
Margaret Smith- Crossville TN.​
Christy Carter- Eubank
Mary Hobdy- Scottsville
Christian Deckard- Monticello
Lynn Bell- Monticello
April Colyer- Liberty
Sherry Beaty- Burnside
Sandy Cook- Bronston
Sheena Smith- Columbia
Lindsey Damron- Russell Springs
Bonnie Dotson- Monticello
Cheyenne Dotson- Monticello
Sherry Morrow- Bronston ​​​​​​​
Brenda Barrett- Somerset
Sandy Whitaker- Monticello
Peggy Strunk- Somerset
Whitney Alvarez- Monticello
Tabatha Froedge- Edmonton
Nichole Cundiff- Russell Springs
Carrie Smith- Somerset​​​​​​​
Misty Ridner- Somerset​
Cynthia Wilson-​ Russell Springs
Patricia Kilburn- Monticello​
​Rhada Dugan- Albany
Vicki Maggard- Columbia
Holly Stringer- Monticello​​