​Click link above or link below to download and print "Agape Wall" letter for use on your upcoming walk. ​​

"May God Bless your walks/flights​​"



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Suggestions for making Agape gifts:

*Men's or Women's Walks- Please make at least 80 pieces of Agape

*Chrysalis Flights- 110 pieces is desirable for dining room and 55 for each boy or girls beds.​

Mens Themes- Love, Hunting/Camping, Wedding, Americana, Lighthouse,  Smiley  (the smiley theme does not get agape) (old Car replaced Angel theme for mens walk)   Old Car Theme

Women's Themes- ​​Love, Garden- Spring/Fall, Wedding, Lighthouse, Beach, Angel, Smiley (the smiley theme does not get agape)

Chrysalis- Smiley, Sports, Camping/Beach, Wedding, Patriotic, Butterfly Garden

Where to find Agape ideas?
Try these:


                  You can also Google Emmaus/Chrysalis ​Agape Ideas
             Or Check your local Mighty Dollar for some great deals​

Please remember, out of respect to all candidates we ask that you do not leave any special kind of gifts for a single Pilgrim/Caterpillar at send off. Your agape letter will be the only special Agape gift of the weekend.

Don't forget to write your letter of Agape love. Please be sure Pilgrim/Caterpillar  first & last name are on front of envelope. In top left corner put your status to candidate. Such as "friend, family, child, spouse, pastor etc." Try to give this to the sponsor. If not possible bring your letter to candlelight. A list of current Pilgrims/Caterpillars can be found by clicking HERE.
Need help knowing how to ask for those 12 Agape Love letters for your Pilgrim/Caterpillar? Try using this form. Just click here.

Lake Cumberland Area Emmaus & Chrysalis  Community
NOTE: We have a new theme on Men's Walk Starting Spring of 2020!