Women's Walk # 142
​​WLD:  Teresa Gaskins

Interested in being a sponsor? 
​ First pray make sure God is leading for you to send this candidate.

Questions to ask yourself for Emmaus- 1. Do they personally know Jesus? 2. Are they involved in a local church? 
The Emmaus walk is designed to strengthen the local church.
For Chrysalis- 1. Do they have a desire to know more about Jesus? ​

Fill out an application with them and send in app and $30 deposit. Deposit is required to hold their spot for Emmaus or Chrysalis
Men's Walk # 133
​WLD:  Jeff Brummett



Chrysalis Flight #57

Boys WLD: Kenny Robinette
Kandyn Slagle - Somerset, KY
Logan Beard - Monticello, KY
Justin Moore - Columbia, KY​​​
Matthew Butler - Monticello, KY
Ethan Maxwell - Monticello, KY
Dale West - Monticello, KY​​​
Mason Jones - Campbellsville, KY
Jonah Skaggs - Russell Springs, KY
Brayden Lane - Bronston, KY
Brayden Lowe -​ Monticello, KY
Joseph Mathews - Hardyville, KY
Brandon Thacker - Burkesville, KY
Kyson Harris - Monticello, KY​​​​
Chance Jones, Monticello, KY
Samuel Kelly, Monticello, KY
Rylan Morgan, Monticello, KY
Malahi Hicks, Monticello, KY
Gage Fairchild, Monticello, KY
Dawson Piercy, Monticello, KY
Xavier, Tello, Monticello, KY
Jaiden Campos, Monticello, KY
Dawson Bradshaw, Monticello, KY
Kru Abbott, Monticello, KY
Braden Stockton, Monticello, KY
Braden Fulton, Monticello, KY​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Josiah Meece, Somerset, KY
Kailin Duncan, Monticello, KY​​



Girls WLD:  Brittany Curry
Autumn Dyer, Monticello, KY​
Olivia Thompson, Monticello, KY
Chloe Williams, Monticello, KY​
Makayla Parkhurst, Albany, KY
Emily Maxwell, Monticello, KY
Olivia Boils, Albany, KY
Kayla Smiddy, Pine Knot, KY
Belle Gregory, Bronston, KY
Hayley Stockton, Monticello, KY
Neveah Brumley, Albany, KY
Amelia, Dishman, Monticello, KY
Mikayla Smith, Monticello, KY​​​​​​​​​
Heather Bates, Monticello, KY​​​​​​​​​
​Jaiden Compass, Monticello, KY
Marlei Devore, Russell Springs, KY
Ella Pierce, Russell Springs, KY​​
Nevaeh Priddy, Columbia, KY​

Pilgrim List:
Brad Bell, Albany, KY
Mike Bradshaw, Jamestown, KY​
James Kilburn, Monticello, KY
Michael Anderson, Monticello, KY
John Massey, Williamsburg, KY
Andy Bledsoe, Franklin TN
Brad Hatton, Monticello, KY
Brandon Maxwell, Monticello, KY
Josh Tucker, Somerset, KY​​​​​​


Pilgrim List:
* Helen Weddle, Somerset, KY
* Dawn Popplewell, Russell Springs, KY
* Kim Elkins, Jamestown, KY
* Hanna Scott, Russell Springs, KY
* Wanda Sims, Whitley, KY
* Jane Bowlin, Oneida, TN
* Billie Martin, Somerset, KY
* Jacki Robertson, Jamestown, KY
* Lindsay Upchurch, Monticello, KY
* Jan Wren, Williamsburg, KY
* Miranda Perkins, Monticello, KY
* Amy Crabtree, Pine Knot, KY​
* Stacey Baird, Williamsburg, KY​
* Terry Pike, Russell Springs, KY​
* Courtney Leverton, Monticello, KY
* Debbie Carroll, Elkhorn, KY
* Amanda McGowan, Russell Springs, KY
* Carmen Phillips, Winfield, TN
* Tasha Corder​, Stearns, KY​​​