Women's Walk # 138

Janelle Miller​​
Interested in being a sponsor? 
​ First pray make sure God is leading for you to send this candidate.
Questions to ask yourself for Emmaus- 1. Do they personally know Jesus? 2. Are they involved in a local church? 
The Emmaus walk is designed to strengthen the local church.
For Chrysalis- 1. Do they have a desire to know more about Jesus? ​
Fill out an application with them and send in app and $30 deposit. Deposit is required to hold their spot for Emmaus or Chrysalis
Men's Walk # 127
​David Delk​


Chrysalis Flight #55
April 9-10, 2021​

​Julie Stockton & Isaac Allen

Matthew Spears- Burkesville​
Tristan Burton- Somerset
Devin Crabtree- Monticello​
Braden Fulton- Monticello
Lucas Mc​Fall-Russell Springs
Daniel Coppage- Russell Springs​
Ian Grant - Columbia​
Wesley Reynolds - Monticello


Mallory Davis- Monticello
Gracie Young- Columbia​
Abbey Burns- Science Hill
Addie Popplewell- Columbia​​
Ashton Flatt- Columbia​
Abb​​y Abrell- Russell Springs
Samantha Abrell- Russell Springs​
Abby Duvall- Burkesville
Rachel Brown- Columbia
Megan Helm - Columbia​
Lauren White- Russell Springs
Jenna White- ​Russell Springs
Mattie Parrish- Russell Springs
Aliziah Abbott- Columbia​


Logan Butler- ​Monticello
Brennan Chriswell- Monticello
Jamie Couch- Somerset
​Junior Chriswell- Monticello
Gabe Dick- Monticello
Jared Gosser- Russell Springs
Jakobe Lasley- Monticello
Matthew Miller- Albany​
Alejandro Ramirez- Science Hill
Rodney Robinson- Somerset​
Mark Shelton- Burkesville
Brian Watson- Pine Knot
Roy Welch- Monticello​
Tom West- Jamestown​
Caleb Wilson- Somerset​​​​​​​​​​​​
Fred Wilson- Glasgow​
Will Wright- Monticello​
Beth Abbott- Monticello
Brenda Blevins- Monticello​
Chrissy Clevenger- Somerset
Heather Couch- Somerset​​​​
Janie Dowell- Russell Springs
Nickie Dubree- Summershade
Ruby Edwards- Monticello
Wanda Fannin- Somerset
Pam Foster- Monticello
Jacklyn Gosser- Russell Springs
Delisa Howard- Stearns​
Jessica King- Russell Springs
Jessica Mason- Burnside​
Megan Morrow- Monticello
Kaylee Neal- Whitley
Charloette Phillips- Monticello
Nikkie Shelton- Burnside
Maribeth Shelton- Burkesville
Vickie Stanley- Columbia
Paige Tallent- Albany​​​​​​
Casey Walden- Monticello
Emily Walls- Burnside​
Morgan Walls- Edmonton
Crystal Watson- Somerset​
Morgan Watson- Pine Knot​​​
Marcy West- Jamestown
Chrysalis will be held this spring at Beacon Hill Baptist Church 
​4705 South Highway 27 
​Somerset, KY 42503​​
Emmaus Walks will be held this spring at Paradise Valley
​Salvation Army Camp
1881 Salvation Army Rd
​Burkesville, KY 42717