List will be updated every 2 weeks in July & Aug. then every week in September so check back to see new pilgrim names
​Last updated 7/20/18


PLEASE be in prayer over these upcoming flights/walk​s
Flight # 52

Men's Walk # 121
​​Scott Upchurch- Monticello
Cody Parmley- Monticello
Jeff Keeton- Monticello
Eric Criswell- Monticello
Doug Roberts- Liberty
Brandon Cooksey- Albany
Corey Lewis- Monticello​​​​​​
Tommy Holt- Russell Springs
James Miles- Knob Lick KY​​
Luke Turner- Somerset
Joseph Cawthorn- Edmonton​​​
Women's Walk # 132
Weekend LD
Kenny Massengale
Chole Lawson​​​
Weekend LD
Rodney Nokes​
Weekend LD
Angela Gregory
Emily Carter- Monticello
Elijah Meece- Somerset
Clay Shelton- Monticello
Nathan West- Monticello
Christina Collins- Albany
Candi Staten- Burkesville
Matthew Roberts- Monticello
Katie Chaplin- Monticello
Levi Pedigo- Edmonton
Desiray Pedigo- Edmonton​​​​​​​​​
Lucas Firkins- Edmonton
Logan Firkins- Edmonton
Madison Hutton- Edmonto
Destiny Philpot- Monticello

Sandy Criswell- Monticello
Courtney Boyd- Science Hill
Alice Hendrickson- Somerset
Valerie ​​​Melton- Monticello
Sherry Pyles- Monticello
Jinna Moore- Burnside
Mary Dotson- Monticello
Patricia Tucker- Monticello
Bethani Baker- Monticello
Angie Baker- Burnside
Shannon Jones- Monticello
Cindy Ploss- Columbia
Christy Parmley- Monticello
Karen Tucker- Monticello
Maylene Hicks- Monticello
Ashley Penick- ​​​​​​​​​​​​Summersville KY
Robin Duncan- Monticello
Nadia Green- Science Hill
Kim Combs- Somerset
Telvis Emerson- Somerset
Brenda Kulhman- Monticello
Jennifer Cooksey- Albany
Shelly Polston- Albany
Retia Jones- Monticello
Brandy Lawless- Columbia
Candace Hutton- Edmonton
Makayla Jessie- Edmonton
Kaley Bartlett- Glasgow
Angie Tarter- Monticello
Lena Lockard- Russell Springs
Fran Turner- Somerset
Rachel Banfield- Crossville Tenn. ​​​​
Trisha Gunther- Albany
Lisa Miles- Knob Lick KY
Gail Opper- Monticello
Emily Matney- Russell Springs
Lindsey Sloan- Russell Springs
Julie Cawthorn- Edmonton
Kellie King- Whitley City
Rachel Decker- Monticello​​​​​​​​

Interested in being a sponsor?
​ First pray make sure God is leading for you to send this candidate.
Questions to ask yourself for Emmaus- 1. Do they personally know Jesus? 2. Are they involved in a local church? 
For Chrysalis- 1. Do they have a desire to know more about Jesus? ​
Fill out an application with them and send in app and $30 deposit. Deposit is required to hold their spot.