Flights/Walks Spring 2019

PLEASE be in prayer over these upcoming flights/walk​s
Names will be added as received. Women's walk is full and there is a wait list.
Flight # 53

Men's Walk # 123
Women's Walk # 134
Weekend LD
Greg Kinney​

Weekend LD
Johnna Bolin​
Interested in being a sponsor? 
​ First pray make sure God is leading for you to send this candidate.
Questions to ask yourself for Emmaus- 1. Do they personally know Jesus? 2. Are they involved in a local church? 
The Emmaus walk is designed to strengthen the local church.
For Chrysalis- 1. Do they have a desire to know more about Jesus? ​
Fill out an application with them and send in app and $30 deposit. Deposit is required to hold their spot for Emmaus or Chrysalis
Weekend LD's
Tracy & Mark Pierce​

Jimmy Winfrey​-Columbia
Stephen Bell- Monticello
Isaac Phillips- Monticello
Christopher Sloan- Monticello
Raymone' Linsey- Monticello
Michael Buonristiani- Monticello
Reve Stevens​​​​​​- Monticello
Elijah Meece- Somerset
Grayson Guffey- Monticello
Cole Edwards- Monticello​

Kali Sloan- Monticello
Chelsea Neal- Monticello
Zoe Gregory- Monticello
Jenna Mae Rodgers​​- Columbia
Sierra Shelley- Albany
Makayla Shelley- Albany​​
Emily Grace Luna- Sparta Tenn.​
Cami Deboard- Monticello​
Carlee Whitis- Somerset

Mo Coomer- Columbia
Scott Catron- Monticello​
​Donovan Duncan- Monticello
​Jake Helton- Parkers Lake
Paul Johnson- Monticello​
James Manning- Indianapolis
Kyle Milby- Burnside
Cody Parmley- Monticello​
Craig Pendleton- Monticello
Dillian Penney- Monticello
Stevie Poff- Jamestown​
Matt Sadler- Somerset
Jeremy Shanks- Somerset
Brock Stilts​- Edmonton
Gason Young​- Monticello
Scott Upchurch- Monticello​​
Kenneth Lee- Albany ​

Michelle Atkinson- Monticello
Carlan Birge- Edmonton
Georgetta Brown- Monticello
Whitney Bunch​- Monticello
Lawanda Carr- Somerset
Miranda Carter- Russell Springs
Shana Clingerman- Monticello
Brandi Coffey- Monticello
Judy  Coffey- Monticello
Jessica Collins- Manchester
Jennifer Coomer- Columbia
Anita Corder-Monticello
Cheri Cox- Monticello
Angela Duncan - Monticello
Joyce Ettner- Jamestown
Regina Fultz- Somerset
Mara Leveridge- Burkesville
Joyce Lewis- Stearns​
Sherry Manning- Indianapolis
Sharon McCubbin- Dallas TX
Marcine Melson- Columbia
Valarie Melton- Monticello
Angel Pendleton- Monticello
Destiny Penney- Monticello
Vickie Perez-Russell Springs
Donna Roark- Monticello
Sondi Sadler​- Somerset
Regina Shanks-Somerset
Deidre Simpson- Burnside
Carol Skeese- Monticello
Julie Smith- Somerset​
Sheila Stilts- Edmonton
Debbie Stringer- Monticello
Sylvia Tucker- Monticello
Elyse Waldeck- Glasgow
Sherry Whitaker- Somerset


Lists  last updated 3/19/19