If you are willing and committed to praying for the Walks/Flight please sign up in a time slot with your name.
As the Walks/Flights begin/end sign up will be disabled until next set of walks/flights.
Note: These charts do not replace the poster charts we use. These names will be in addition to those charts.  This sign up is to allow everyone a opportunity to sign up and encourages more of God's people to pray.
Chrysalis Flight #  52
Men's Walk # 121
Women's Walk # 132
Q & A:
*Can you sign up for more than one time slot? YES

*Can you sign up for Chrysalis & both Walks? YES​

*Can someone whos not been on a walk sign up to pray?​​ YES

*Can you sign up here and the paper charts? YES​

*Should you encourage others to sign up and pray? YES ​​
​*Will these links expire? YES

*When? At the end of each walk or flight

Dates for Fall Flights & Walks ​

1-3 Chrysalis # 52- Kenny Massengale & Chloe Lawson
September 6-9 -Men Walk #121 - Joel Catron
September 13-16 - Women Walk # 132- Angela Gregory
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Links are currently not active. They will be activated 30 days prior to the flights/walks