28) Sponsors Sponsorship is an act of love for God, pilgrims, and the Emmaus Community. Good sponsorship is vital to the Emmaus movement in every community. In fact sponsorship is the most important role in Emmaus. It is so much more than “signing people up”. The quality of sponsorship influences the pilgrims/butterfly’s, the Emmaus/ Chrysalis movement, and the churches and communities affected by the movement. The purpose of sponsorship should be to bring spiritual renewal to those who will in return, bring a new life and vision back to their church, home, workplace, schools and community.

Emmaus/ Chrysalis is right for many people but not for everyone!

Possible candidates could be: 
​*The backbone of the local church 
​*Less active members who need their awareness of grace rekindled and their commitment renewed
​ *Christians who are hungry for “something more” and want to grow spiritually
​ *Church leaders (clergy and lay) who will bring new vision and vitality back to the church and who need the renewal and to experience the grace unique in Emmaus

Questionable candidates could be:  
Non- Christians and persons without connections to the church. The Emmaus walk is designed for those who already have a relationship with Jesus.
​* Persons undergoing an emotional crisis (recent divorce, severe grief, etc.) 
​*People whose theology and/ or practice is notably different with the traditional theology and practice represented by The Walk to Emmaus.
​ *“Church hoppers”, members who always have an axe to grind against the church. People who will use Emmaus as a tool to divide the body, or create an “Emmaus Church”. Emmaus can not be your church. Emmaus is designed to strengthen the local church.
​* Persons fighting substance abuse or who are psychologically unstable.
  The Emmaus walk is not designed to "fix" anyone

How do we sponsor?

Before the walk             
1. The first part of sponsorship is to pray and seek guidance from the Holy Spirit.
​ 2. Make an appointment with the person or couple for the purpose of discussing participation in Emmaus/ Chrysalis. Have them pray on it 3. The equal commitment rule: when at all possible when a husband and wife are both possible candidates and are both willing to participate then they both should be sponsored and both should attend the same set of walks.
4. In Chrysalis, it is important to talk with the parent/guardian of the candidate before sponsoring.                                                             
  5. Extend an invitation. Invite the prospective pilgrim/caterpillar to attend for the sake of a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Explain the basic elements of the Walk/Flight, its purpose and follow-up dimensions.
​6. Take the application to the prospective pilgrim/caterpillar and have them fill it out in your presence answering any questions that the prospective pilgrim/caterpillar might have. You do not have to tell them in detail of everything that is going to happen in the three days, but answer honestly any questions they ask
​7. Pilgrim/Caterpillar applications can be downloaded from our website: http://www.lcemmaus.org
​8. Be forthright in explaining the sleeping and bathing arrangements, as well as there will be no contact with their family and businesses (except emergencies).
​9. Mail in the completed application with fees to the Emmaus Registrar whose address is on the application.
  Make sure the Registrar is aware and passes the information on to the Weekend Lay director of any special needs that the pilgrim/caterpillar might have. This includes but is not limited to any special dietary needs, or special medical needs.
​ 11.
  After you have received confirmation of the pilgrims/caterpillars “Walk date” begin working on the ​12 agape letters. Letters are an extremely important part of the weekend, so spend some time and effort in getting the 12 people closest to the pilgrim/caterpillar to write a letter. (a sample request letter is provided in the appendix) 
12.  Give the pilgrim/caterpillar a suggested “packing list” of the things that they will need to take with them on the mountain. This list should include things like pillows, bath towels, Bibles, flashlights, etc.
  Remind pilgrims to take money if they wish to buy a t-shirt or sweatshirt at the book table after Saturday’s lunch.
  Remind the pilgrim/caterpillar to leave watches, cell phones, cameras, laptops etc. at home during the walk
​15. You should be the one to take your pilgrim/caterpillar to the sendoff. Help them find their cabin and help them get situated.
16. Please do not leave any special agape gifts for the pilgrim/caterpillar to find that night or later during the walk. It is imperative that all pilgrims/caterpillars feel the same and special gifts for one or a few will undermine this. Any special gifts will be collected by the agape team and given to the sponsor after the closing ceremony. If you feel led to give your pilgrim/caterpillar a special gift please do so before you bring them to the Mountain or after you pick them up after Sunday’s closing service.
​17. Register the pilgrim/caterpillar at the sign in table, getting their name button and giving it to them.
18.  Bring the 12 letters to registration at sendoff and make sure that the first and last name is on the envelope otherwise there is a chance of miss delivery. Letters from family should have “family”, “spouse”, or “child” etc. on the envelope. Other letters should have “friend”, “Sunday school teacher”, etc. on the outside of those envelopes. The pastor of the church should be ask to write a letter to be included in the top 12.
  Eat with your pilgrim/caterpillar during sendoff
  Pray throughout the 72-hour prayer vigil for your pilgrim/caterpillar and the walk/flight in general.
  Check on the pilgrim’s family throughout the weekend helping out in any areas of need (babysitting, feeding pets, providing a meal, yard work etc.)  while the pilgrim is on his Walk. Let the family know they have arrived and all is well.
  Be present at the candle light service. (remember this service is only open to 4th day members of those who have attended a 3-day event sponsored by the Upper Room)
  Be present at the closing ceremony. (this service is open to all, so it is ok to bring family members who are not 4th day members)
​ 24.
  Help the pilgrim/caterpillar pack and take them home. Offer to take the pilgrim/caterpillar out to dinner that evening to give them an opportunity to share the events of the weekend. After the walk
25.Continue to pray for the pilgrim/butterfly
​26.Take the pilgrim/butterfly to the follow-up gathering
​27.Invite the pilgrim/butterfly to the first few monthly gatherings.
28.Help the pilgrim/butterfly find a reunion group or start a group with him or her
​29.Help and encourage the pilgrim/butterfly in their commitment to their church, family, workplace and community
​ 30. Inform and guide the pilgrim/butterfly in ways of serving the Emmaus/Chrysalis Community on future Walks/Flights.
​31.Help the pilgrim/butterfly sponsor others Who can sponsor?
Any 4th day member who has completed a three-day event sponsored by the Upper Room can sponsor as long as they understand the aim and responsibilities of sponsorship, and be willing and able to fulfill the responsibility requirements. It is best practice that sponsors should not serve as team members on Walks/Flights with persons they are sponsoring. If persons choose to work on Walks/Flights they should be behind the scenes and arrange for other co-sponsors to carry out the duties (such as checking on families) that they cannot attend to while working.                                                                                                    

Pilgrims/Caterpillars  1. Pilgrims/caterpillars must be sponsored by a 4th day member
​2. Pilgrims/caterpillars applications must be turned in by the sponsor before the deadline (two weeks prior to the walk/flight) however the registrar at his or her discretion can add a pilgrim/caterpillar after the deadline.
​ 3. Under no circumstances should a person bring a pilgrim/caterpillar to sendoff who hasn’t been registered. In this event the pilgrim/caterpillar will not be allowed to Walk and will be sent home from the mountain.
​4. Pilgrims/Caterpillars will be selected on a first come-first served basis, from the applications received by the registrar.
5. Pilgrims/Caterpillars should meet the requirements of possible candidates listed above (Section 28 Sponsors) 
6. If a pilgrim/caterpillar has to leave the walk due to sickness or any other reason, the sponsor shall be notified. Anyone who leaves the walk/flight after candlelight will be considered to have completed the walk/flight and will become a full member of the Community.
​7. Any pilgrim/caterpillar that has to leave before the candlelight service will not be considered to have completed the 3-day experience and will not be considered 4th day members of the community. However, they are eligible to return again as a pilgrim/caterpillar.
​ 8. Pilgrims/Caterpillars are expected to cooperate and follow rules. If a pilgrim/caterpillar becomes disruptive defiant or in other ways a deterrent to those around them, then after meeting in private with the Weekend Spiritual Director, Weekend Lay Director and advisory from the Board Representative, if the situation cannot be resolved then the sponsor should be called to pick up the pilgrim/caterpillar.
​9. Pilgrims/caterpillars should never be taken to the 72-hour prayer chapel. If they need prayer, then the spiritual team should pray with them and the prayer request delivered to the prayer chapel.
10.Pilgrims/Caterpillars should not be allowed into the back of the kitchen. If an emergency occurs and a phone is required, the phone should be taken to them on the porch area. 
11.Pilgrims/Caterpillars on a walk/flight should all feel as if they are treated equally, therefore no special gifts should be given to a pilgrim/caterpillar during the walk/flight.

Other questions? Please review the Policy/Procedure manual. Many answers can be found there for our community. ​​

Think your ready to sponsor?
Please read below who you should sponsor and most of all pray about it.
Next be sure to send in the application form to the registrars along with the deposit.
Click here for more info. on  APPLICATIONS