Lake Cumberland Area Emmaus & Chrysalis Community

Team Fees/ Sponsorship Fees are $90.00.
​All worker/team fees are expected to be paid during one of the three team meetings.
​Below is an average of how fees are used.
*​If you are a sponsor a $30 fee is to be paid when application is sent in. Remainder of $60 is expected to be paid at registration, if not paid before. 
Average of Fee Distribution- Camp Mt. View- $ 54.88, Food- $22.01, Upper Room- $2.61, Supplies- $9.05, back ground checks - $0.87, Profit- $0.49. TOTAL- $90.00
Distribution example from Fall walks of 2019​
Want to pay your fee on line? Just click the Donate button and follow the prompts its that easy. 
Safe & Secure​
If paying fees for a pilgrim or a caterpillar please make sure to list this person name in the purchase details.